UNDER A PLASTIC CLOUD - freakbeat, northern soul, garage punk, r&b, psych

Gulpd Café, Triskel Arts Centre
Time: 9.30pm – late

Under a Plastic Cloud is a monthly night of alternative 60's sounds covering freakbeat, northern soul, garage punk, psych and r&b. this month sees Phil Hope spinning original 45's from the 60s with special guests Pol (Lyon) and Colm Croughan (Athlone).

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Triskel Christchurch, Triskel Arts Centre
Adm: €27.50
Doors: 12 midnight

A micro festival of video and performance art, concerts and special events, featuring internationally recognised and emerging artists that use and reference music as part of their work, Brinks Helm opens with a exclusive Irish performance by industrial music legends Chris & Cosey (Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti), formerly of Throbbing Gristle, at midnight in the atmospheric surroundings of Triskel Christchurch.

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Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti formed CHRIS & COSEY out of the ashes of their seminal 70s' Industrial band Throbbing Gristle. Throbbing Gristle (and Carter/Tutti) founded the Industrial music genre and were one of the first bands to successfully fuse electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Their musical legacy is still very much in evidence today.

When Throbbing Gristle was terminated in 1981 Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti signed to Rough Trade Records and began recording and performing as CHRIS & COSEY. From the very start they indulgently utilised electronics, sampling, rhythms and Cosey's distinctive vocals, cornet and guitar style. In 1982 (and in collaboration with Rough Trade) they formed their own offshoot record label Conspiracy International (aka: CTI) for their more experimental recordings and collaborative projects. CTI continues to run alongside CARTER and TUTTI's more accessible work.

Regularly cited as one of the original forerunners of the Techno and Electronica genres CHRIS & COSEY's name is often cited by bands and DJs as hugely influential. During the 1980s' and 1990s' CHRIS & COSEY went on to record some of the most inventive Electronica albums, including the much sampled and remixed TRANCE album (1982), the Techno Pop classic OCTOBER-Love Song (1983) and the West Coast and Goa dance floor hit EXOTIKA (1987).

During this time they enjoyed great success with record labels such as ROUGH TRADE (UK), PLAY IT AGAIN SAM (Belgium), NETTWERK (Canada) and WAX TRAX (USA). In 1992 after many gruelling tours and for both health and artistic reasons CARTER and TUTTI decided to scale down their live performances and concentrate on studio recordings. In collaboration with WORLD SERPENT they continue to release numerous albums and solo projects through their own Conspiracy International label (see discography below).

Since their inception CARTER and TUTTI have collaborated with such artists and musical luminaries as Monte Cazazza, Coil, Current 93, John Duncan, Erasure, The Eurythmics, Boyd Rice, Robert Wyatt and many more. Their music has also been remixed by Carl Craig, Cosmic Connection, Fred Giannelli, Daniel Miller, U -Ziq, Vapourspace and Andrew Weatherall.

CARTER and TUTTI have always embraced working with cross media techniques and constantly confound categorisation. They regard themselves not solely as musicians but equally as artists, sound engineers, writers, performers and subcultural collaborators.


TWINKRANES are an experimental psych rock duo from Dublin. The group was formed in Dublin by Tony Patterson, an experimental musician & drummer from the city. Originally a 3 piece, in 2008 the group came to the attention of Andy Votel (Finders Keepers Records) who expressed a keen interest in releasing the groups music through the label, a touring single “Fizz Nor Feedback” followed, which was well received & would become the precursor to the critically acclaimed Debut album “Spektrum Theatre Snakes”.

“Spektrum Theatre Snakes” was recorded at the end of 2008 with Jimmy Robertson & Voice of the Seven woods Rick Tomlinson at the helm. The album melds the worlds of motor driven kraut, space-rock, avant-pop, psychedelia & drone. It was released to rapturous applause in October 2009. NME hailed the album as incredible and awarded the album a 9/10. Mojo magazine gave the album a 4/5 and the group recorded a cover of Pink Floyd's “Waiting for the worms” as part of a cover mount C.D to celebrate the anniversary of the release of the classic album The Wall. Publications like The Guardian where equally as enamoured with the fledgling groups driving motorik sound or as Michael Hann put it “A fabulously exciting ASBO version of krautrock".

During this time the track “Being Kong” was used in the movie Cherry Bomb, the track chosen by acclaimed D.J / Producer David Holmes (an early champion of the band). As 2009 came to a close The Chemical Brothers Ed Rowland named the Track “Fizz Nor Feedback” in his top ten tracks of 2009. 2010 saw the group embark on a string of high profile live shows including headline slots at Ireland's Electric Picnic, Berles Rock Festival in Switzerland & Freak Folk Festival Llama in Devon.

Towards the end of 2010, after a year of extensive live commitments, the group became a duo and saw Chris Carroll a multi Instrumentalist from Dublin taking charge of Synthesizers & Electronics, with the dynamics of the group altered. 2011 saw the duo play a splattering of dates around Europe with much of the year spent honing a new heavier electronic sound of Drums, Synthesizers, Vocals & Drones.

In March 2012 the group set up a recording studio & moved from their long term base in Dublin's Cultural Quarter to an Industrial facility in the aptly named Black-pits area of the city. Over the preceding months the facility proved to be an integral component in the redesign of the groups working methods & sound. New music has seen the pair follow on from the hook laden experimentation of their Debut. Carroll has added an even darker element to the already troubled TWINKRANES sound. Devoid of conventional instrumentation, an impenetrable electronic Rhythm section is now coupled with improvised experimentation in noise & music concrete dominating over expansive songs & sound-scape's.