Triskel event tickets

Wednesday, July 24

Plugd have tickets on sale now for the following events at Triskel Arts Centre:

DUBLIN GUITAR QUARTET / Sat 28th September

This October the Dublin Guitar Quartet will release a recording of Philip Glass’ string quartets on the composers own record label, Orange Mountain Music. This is a significant milestone for the quartet and is a culmination of years of work in developing and refining their arrangements of Glass’ string quartets. They have avoided standard quartet pieces, choosing instead to expand the limited repertoire by adapting works from outside of the guitar repertoire. Glass’ String Quartet No. 3, Mishima, was their first such transcription and they have been added and refined the remaining quartets over recent years.

Strange that one of the best underground releases of the year in Ireland is the work of a quartet of classically trained guitarists. Strange, but true.
Foggy Notions Magazine

This is a very special arrangement. Arranging for guitars is a very tricky business and you really have to know what you are doing, so I have never done it, but Dave Flynn and Brian Bolger have made these arrangements and they’re really quite beautiful
Philip Glass – July 2008


ADRIAN CROWLEY / Fri 22nd November

Recognised for sometime as one of Ireland’s most evocative lyricists, Adrian Crowley’s gift lies, not only in his poetic flair with words, but in his unerring ability to set those lyrics against an irresistibly affecting musical backdrop, often recalling the spare, reflective potency of Lambchop or Leonard Cohen.

Autumn 2012 saw the worldwide release of Adrian Crowley’s sixth album, I See Three Birds Flying on iconic Scottish label, Chemikal Underground Records. It was the follow up to 2009′s Season of the Sparks which won the prestigious Choice Music Prize for Irish album of the year.

I See Three Birds Flying was also nominated for the Meteor Choice Music Prize, his third nomination for the annual, highly prestigious award. He has created an exquisite album, thnking into a warm bath, a completely immersive experience that soothes, salves and clears the mind
The Irish Times

Crowley’s songwriting is quietly spectacular
Irish Independent