Thursday, June 13


New arrivals tomorrow!

Austra - Olympia // Domino Records LP/ CD
Apollonia - Fabric 70: Apollonia // Fabric CD
O Emperor - Vitreous // Big Skin Records LP/ CD
Sigur Ros - Kveikur // XL LP/ LP & 10"/ CD
Royal Trux - 3 Track EP // Domino Records 12"
Zomby - With Love // 4AD CD

Now in stock! (as of Wednesday)

INNERCITY - Mental Institution for Outsider Drone Music (FEF16)
MODULATOR ESP - Inner Cosmos (FEF15)
ROMANNIS MÖTTE - Kozmische (FEF14)
HAMMEMIT - The Ghastliere Morrowe (FEF13)

News!  Plugd will start doing free local weekly deliveries starting this weekend. We have had a few people asking about the possibility...