Thursday, November 17

twelves for a rainy day

hey folks. been quite a while since our last post. from here on yr gonna get updates on new music hitting our shelves / events and other plugd ramblings.

what better place to (re)start than a heads up on a few boxes of vinyl we got in over the week. check the list below, and click the listen for, eh, listening...
if theres anything yr feelin, give us a shout. we can hold them for you in plugd, or post them out. cheers!


Damon Bell Kush Music 12" Deepblak €11.00 listen
Fcl Vs Vfb Love Prescription Ep 12" Delusions Of Grandeur €10.00 listen
Carsten Jost & Lawrence A Greater Administration... 12" Dial €10.00 listen
Kez Ym Stride Ep 12" Faces €11.00 listen
Naum Gabo The Crystal Line' 12" Fright €11.00 listen
Omar S It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It 2x12" Fxhe €23.00 listen
Cosmic Metal Mother Time Is Now / Larry Heard Rmx 12" Panacustica €11.00 listen
Ultramarine Find A Way / Version 7" Real Soon €8.00 listen
Moomin The Story About You 2x12" Smallville €19.00 listen
Stl Me And The Machines 12" Something €11.50 listen
Jordan Peak Kinda Fine / Steffi Rmx  12" Tsuba €11.00 listen


Floating Points Vacuum Boogie Ep 12" Eglo €10.00 listen
Marcellus Pittmann On A Beautiful/ By Your Side 10" Lifetime Groove €11.50 listen
Kassem Mosse Enoha EP 12" Nonplus €10.00 listen

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