Thursday, April 14

Plugd Saturday 16th April.

Its everywhere else so it’s about time we got something up here to officially let people know that, yes, Saturday the 16th is the date. Our new home is ready to roll, our new café is almost there and the Triskel will finally be open to the public, starting out some pretty exciting times for all. Not much to say that has not already said. Thanks to everyone for their long-term support through all incarnations of Plugd Records, it really does mean a lot (means we can get the groceries too). Looks like we’re on Plugd V.3.25 right now and it may be the last version as we plan on sticking about for quite a long time here. We will be open for business Saturday Morning at 10.00, we will have the effervescent and truculent Toby Kaar in-store sometime after lunch and you can get your coffee and the likes from Gulpd, no reason to leave. Its world record store day, which only adds to the celebrations with all the independent record stores worldwide contributing to what we aim to do.  The last time we'll write a post regarding moving!!! See you there. 
Jim and Al. 

 Thanks to Marcin at

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