Friday, February 18

Plugd downtown Re-moval 12th February 2011

First Blood Part II, Our Love Will Destroy the World, Tokishiko, Juju & Jordash. 

Thanks to all for coming out and supporting. 

Unfortunate delays postponed our primary reason to have this get together.

But hey, who needs a reason to have a party.

Regarding that reason though...we shall let you know when we know. 


Friday, February 4

Last day at our temporary abode...

Well the time has come and tommorrow is the last day down at our Caroline Street residence, sale still going on so get yer head in and bid us farewell week when we re-open down at Tobin Street...

Wednesday, February 2

Knock Yourself Out!

Don't attempt to do anything productive for the next few hours...endless permutations and combinations to entertain. A Tenori-on for your desktop...Alberts waiting for the demos...tap and play!

News!  Plugd will start doing free local weekly deliveries starting this weekend. We have had a few people asking about the possibility...