Wednesday, January 26

We are everywhere...

We hope you are not getting sick of us but if you want some more Plugd coverage than point yer browsers and tune your wireless to these respective destinations.

We will be reguarly contributing some 'picks of the week' to our friends over at Cork music blog/site (although there is some Kerry news in there) . Picks of the week can be re-phrased as the releases that have been most regularly visiting the Cd tray and turntable in the shop for the past seven days. The results have been calulated thorugh statistical methods only known to shop employees....check out lastweeks picks and keep your eyes on their for more amongst the regular updates and reviews of whats going on city-wise.
Hopefully not too late to let people know but there is a mention for us tonight on Arena, the RTE radio one culture vehicle, which was put together by Aoife Barry a few Saturdays ago in the shop. Hopefully no Andy Gray like slip ups made the final cut so tune in to find out who is getting the sack tomorrow. Obviously this is a joke. Half past seven then and heres the link for those tuning in on the interweb... Arena

Constant Plugd coverage surely beats constant political coverage.

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