Wednesday, January 26

We are everywhere...

We hope you are not getting sick of us but if you want some more Plugd coverage than point yer browsers and tune your wireless to these respective destinations.

We will be reguarly contributing some 'picks of the week' to our friends over at Cork music blog/site (although there is some Kerry news in there) . Picks of the week can be re-phrased as the releases that have been most regularly visiting the Cd tray and turntable in the shop for the past seven days. The results have been calulated thorugh statistical methods only known to shop employees....check out lastweeks picks and keep your eyes on their for more amongst the regular updates and reviews of whats going on city-wise.
Hopefully not too late to let people know but there is a mention for us tonight on Arena, the RTE radio one culture vehicle, which was put together by Aoife Barry a few Saturdays ago in the shop. Hopefully no Andy Gray like slip ups made the final cut so tune in to find out who is getting the sack tomorrow. Obviously this is a joke. Half past seven then and heres the link for those tuning in on the interweb... Arena

Constant Plugd coverage surely beats constant political coverage.

Wednesday, January 19

Important News Broadcast! Move and Sale (and more...)

Okay Folks, lots happening on the Plugd front over the next few weeks so heres the lowdown.

First up, Starting this Saturday is our usual post Christmas sale, with 25% off everything (except new releases) for the next two weeks. The next bit of news concerns what’s happening after that two week period!

As a lot of you may know the move to Caroline Street was always a temporary arrangement. The space has worked out really well and was great to get back into the swing of things with the shop. Our new premises are now ready and we shall be opening there on Saturday 12th of February. The shop will now be located on the first floor of the newly refurbished Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street. For those unfamiliar with the geography of the metropolis that is Cork, thats the site of the Triskels original incarnation.

The Black Mariah, whose original home was above our old Washington Street premises, and moved to the Caroline Street location, is also on the way back to Tobin Street. The gallery will re-open on the same date with Sean Lynchs’ – DeLorean: Progress Report

In addition to the shop, we are also opening Gulpd café on the 12th. The café will offer a dynamic menu of food and drinks, will be open 10 to 6 Tuesday to Saturday and will remain open late in conjunction with Triskel evening events.

To facilitate the move we are closing at Caroline Street on Saturday 5th, with the next week spent hauling records, cds, shelves etc back to the more familiar end of town to get open on time!

To aid in getting over all this stress we are having a get together at our new home on the evening of Saturday the 12th. In the Auditorium, from New Zealand, we have psychadelic noise project ‘Our Love Will Destroy The World’. Campbell Kneale’s one-man show that veers between austere electronics to ferocious noise. On support we have First Blood Part II.

In the café we will have our favourite record choosers and adopted Dutchmen, Juju & Jordash. Expect anything from Thelonious Monk to Cabaret Voltaire and no doubt some of their own productions. Support will be from Tokishiko and an array of associated vinyl fondlers. Check out their radio spot on deepfrequency radio, big fans.

So please come join us in celebrating a pretty exciting move and a new start (again!) for Plugd v.2.5!, food, drink and the distinct possiblilty of dancing.

Black Mariah :  Sean Lynch : Delorean: Progress Report - 7.00pm

Our Love Will Destroy the World w/ First Blood Part II - 8.00 p.m

Juju and Jordash from 9/9.30 p.m with Tokishiko and friends playing some records all the way from the early evening.


Tuesday, January 18

Some 2010 Picks

Teeth of the Sea – Your Mercury - Rocket

Follow ups are always difficult, thankfully I’m not familiar with TOTS’s debut album and so thought this was the best debut this year. It isn’t a debut. But it is one of the best of the year. Get John Carpenter, Steve Reich, Goblin, Circle and Monolake, stick them in a blender with a pinch of psychedelic salts and transfer the ensuing nasty goo into a jewel case and your getting there. Don’t forget the shoe-gazey slants. Wonderful.

Future Islands – In Evening Air – Thrill Jockey

Forefront of the exciting Baltimore scene, a near perfect post-punk and dare I say pop music album. Some might be split on Sam Herrings somewhat jarring vocal performances but its that sound that has us paying attention.

James Blake – Klavierweke E.P – R&S

So the hype for 2011 gets bigger and bigger and the pessimists get more and more material. Whatever you’re opinion of what his future holds, this E.P manages to make minimal compositions sound acutely complicated, the bare bones elements combining perfectly. Album due in a few weeks? I’m still listening to this. 

 Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here? – Editions Mego

Best release to date from Emeralds in their cd-r and tape only littered recording career. Even calling this their best puts it head and shoulders above most other pretender’s efforts. Moving away from the sounds that their earlier work has been tagged as, this is emotive electronic music rooted in pops better sensibilities. 

Twin Shadow – Forget – 4AD/Terrible Records

George Lewis Jnr’s work as Twin Shadow is rooted in that 80’s new-wave/synthpop sound….a theme that pretty much defined 2010. Thing is when it is done right it can’t be beaten. Obviously by ending up in our top releases of 2010 Lewis did it correctly. ‘When We’re Dancing’ almost makes me just do that everytime I hear it. I don’t think I could handle another full length in the same vein but for 2010’s standout pop moment we sure are thankful. 

Actress – Splaszh – Honest Jons
Second offering from the Londoner and will hopefully go down as a modern classic if people can come around to its difficult but rewarding structures. Had the pleasure of catching him performing most of this material live last October and what resulted was one of the most energetic and infectious performances of any artist this year, electronic or not. The future of house? Hold on it isn’t house, is it?

News!  Plugd will start doing free local weekly deliveries starting this weekend. We have had a few people asking about the possibility...